Immigration Service

Republic of Sierra Leone

Assistant Directors - North South and East


There are three main Regional Offices, one for each province, located in Bo, Makeni, and Kenema. Within each province, there are also sub regional offices located at strategic border crossing point. Three of the most significant sub-regional offices are those located at Lungi International Airport; Mano River Bridge (Jendema), the main crossing point into Liberia; and at Kambia (Gbalamuya), The main crossing point into Guinea. These three are known as the Grade A crossing point

The regional offices are headed by Assistant Director, supervising a host of officers including Immigration Officers , Immigration Assistant, the Assitant Regional Director also supervises the activities of the Border Patrol Assistant in his/her region. The grade A border point in Lungi, Jendema and Gbalamuya are each headed by an Assistant Immigration officer (AIO).  Each of the regional and sub regional officer has an officer from the national revenue authority (NRA) to whom all fees are paid. The structure staffing composition of the provincial officer will have to be reviewed and updated in line with their function as part of the restructuring of the Immigration Department. We reviewed both the current structure as well as a proposed draft organorgram designed by the Human Resource Office and have developed a simple alternative.