Immigration Service

Republic of Sierra Leone

Border Management

The Sierra Leone Immigration Service plays a key role in the lives of citizens and non-citizens through the effective management of our border environment. Effective border management plays a significant role in the economic development of every nation and therefore it is one of the significant functions of the Sierra Leone Immigration Service.

Current border management and control activities

The Sierra Leone Immigration Service has taken frantic developmental strides towards border management and control system across the country. Over the years the department has taken significant strives to recruit Immigration Assistant, Border Patrol Officers and Border Guards personnel to ensure proper monitoring of our porous borders across the country.

The recruitment of such border guard personnel contributes immensely to minimize the cross border crimes such as human trafficking   illegal crossing smuggling of goods in and out of the country etc. more over the department has recruited about one hundred and fifty (150) border guard personnel in the face of recruitment and they are currently posted to class A and B crossing points. While the class C and D points are being monitored occasionally.

The following are some of their functions:

v Checking passengers at the border entry and exit points

v Monitoring our sea entry and exit points

v Document verification exercises at the entry and exit points

v To promote safety and security through border monitories process

v To prevent illegal entries by foreign nationals

v To prevent the use of false travelling documents by detecting them at entry and exit points

v To share information and co-ordinate activities with other border agencies on day to day bases

v To collect data on travelling in and out of the country at any official crossing points

v To ensure that our bilateral/multi-lateral protocols are observed as respected

v To conduct border monitoring patrols by the border guards personnel from time to time and to ensure reporting systems

v To monitors illegal crossing points whereby border crimes are monitored and control by border guard personnel