Immigration Service

Republic of Sierra Leone


The Chief Immigration Officer is an appointee of the President and is responsible for the Policy direction of the Department and can recommend Deportation Order(s) to His Excellency especially when the stay of a particular foreigner poses a security threat to the country.

The Chief Immigration Officer acts as a Quasi-Consular Officer on behalf of other state on reciprocal basis.

It is also the function of the Chief Immigration Officer to demarcate the Rights of Citizens and Non-Citizens in the business and other engagements.

In performing these functions the Chief Immigration Officer takes into consideration the following criteria:

1.    The enhancement of the security of the state

2.    To protect job facilities for nationals in collaboration with the Ministry of Labour

3.    To apply and monitor rules relating to Diplomat, their families and servants.

It is the duty of the Chief Immigration Officer to define grounds for Rights of abode and Limitations

The Chief Immigration Officer applies and monitors rules for the treatment for persons seeking asylum

The Chief Immigration Officer recommends punishment for persons overstaying in the country or any other violation of the rule and regulations of the Immigration Department

The Chief Immigration Officer determines procedures/rules relating to other categories of persons wishing to enter or remain in Sierra Leone

The Chief Immigration Officer may perform any other duty assigned/delegated to him/her by the Central Government.

vThe custodianship of the national travel documents i.e. passports and of their issuance (as a security document) rests within the domain of his core functions.

vThe functions relating to the adoption, domestication and interpretation of the relevant applicable intra-regional and international legal instruments, affecting migrations rest on the shoulders of the Chief Immigration Officer

vThe Chief Immigration monitors and executes the MOUs signed between the Immigration Service and some European Unions countries over the verification and identification exercises of all presumed Sierra Leoneans abroad.