Immigration Service

Republic of Sierra Leone

Customer Care

Overview on Immigration Depart/unit

-         Immigration is the act of entering a country with the intention of permanently living and/or working there, although immigration laws which also cover entry into the country for almost any purpose, including temporary stays beyond a certain length of time.  It is in this vain that the customer care unit of the Immigration Department was formed, in an ideal situation, as a first port of call on all activities and enquiries regarding the Immigration Department.


Main functions and others (Cooperation/Collaboration/Communication)

-         Since the customer care unit is the first port of call, its activities are based on enquiries on e.g. the issuance of  all types of  Passports, Landing Visas, Emergency Travelling Certificates (ETCs), Seamen’s, Naturalization of Foreign Nationals, Visa Stickers, Citizen’s Registration to name but few are day to day enquires received from outsiders to this unit

 -         Completed Passport forms are deposited in our unit and all the entry of data of the completed passport application are done electronically and manually

 -         The delivery of the inputted passports application forms are channeled to the Central Processing Unit on fresh forms (A & C) for interviews and investigation, whilst inputted replacement forms (B) are channeled to the records unit for the retrieval of their records for onward transmission to the Central Processing Unit respectively thus the serialization of completed passport application forms is part of the duties of the customer care unit of this department.