Immigration Service

Republic of Sierra Leone

Intelligence and Investigation Unit

  • The Intelligence and Investigation Unit is serving as the police wing in the department, charged with the responsibilities of monitoring the movement and activities of Citizens and Non-Citizens according to national and international best practices.
  • It also serves as a check on those who violates the immigration rules and regulations.
  • The unit conducts regular hotel checks across the country.
  • They inspect passports and other relevant documents if there are discrepancies such as visa violations and forgery.
  • The unit also plays a key role in enhancing the security of the state, by receiving specific instruction from Government and other Security Agencies through the Director of Operations for the apprehension of wanted person(s). These instructions are normally carried out in the process of our routing checks.
  • The unit also communicates such instructions to various Border Posts for action. Results of which have been very much impressive.
  • The unit also responds to information sharing by contributing immensely to ensure that there is collaboration with other security agencies.