Immigration Service

Republic of Sierra Leone

Policy Regulations for Foreign Nationals


When a foreign worker changes employment to another, it invalidates the existing Residential Permit Authorization. A full application by the new employer must be made otherwise both the employer and the foreign worker shall be in breach of the regulation.

Any foreign worker on self-employment that has a valid Residential Permit leaving the country for exceeding a period of one year and above, must write to the Chief Immigration Office, notifying him about his departure, otherwise he/she will bears the cost that will be in question.

The foreign worker whether working for an employer or self-employed must ensure that he/she has a valid residential permit also mandatory to renewal yearly.

Any foreign worker on self-employment working without valid residential permit shall be liable to prosecution.

In the event of removal the employer shall bear the cost.

A Residence Permit is issued upon requested by an employer be it national or resident alien of an organisation or business entity for his/her designated employees. This application must be done using an authorized letter head with full details of the organisation/business.

Request for the Renewal of Residence Permit should be done 3 days to expiration to allow the foreign units to vet your application.

Foreign nationals applying for Residence Permit are requested to submit their application in person at the Immigration Head Quarter to the Head of Foreign Nationals Unit.

A foreign national whose passport is missing and is legally resident in the country his required to report to the Sierra Leone Police and such report should be forwarded to the Immigration Office for an update on his/her residential status

Foreign nationals are required at all times to move along with originals or photocopies of their passport and Residence Card

Foreign nationals are required to produce originals or copies of their passport and Residence Card when demanded by Immigration Officer at any points in time

Foreign nationals are obliged not to overstay their visiting or Resident Visas

Citizens or legally resident aliens who wish to invite friends or business partners into Sierra Leone are strongly advised to do a written application to the Chief Immigration Officer with appropriate address

Seamen with valid passport are advised not to come ashore to take up appointment or engaged in any activities of emolument or commercial benefits without notifying Immigration authorities

Seamen with valid passport are entitled to 72 hours entry requirement at any port of entry manned by Immigration Officers

Foreign nationals are required not to violate their existing Resident Visa earlier applied for to the Immigration Authorities. All housewives/dependent resident visa should not be used for employment

Foreign nationals with visiting visa are not allowed to either actively or passively involve into any business or organisation activity in which they are paid within or without

Foreign nationals who are visitors are required to be in possession of their valid return tickets indicating date of departure

Visitors who wish to request for an extension of stay should do a written application indicating the date with original passport and a copy of their return ticket

Foreign nationals working for an organization or self-employed must ensure that a valid residential permit is acquired and such residence permit should be renewed yearly.

Consultants to government, UN agencies and those who do not enjoy UN privileges should pay

Contractors who bid for projects and who are paid for the execution of the contract and contractors to MDA’s who are also paid for the contract they execute pay resident fee