Immigration Service

Republic of Sierra Leone

Procedure to obtain Residence Permit


A Resident Permit is issued upon request by an employer be it national or resident alien of an organization or business entity for his/her designated employees. This application must be done using an authorized letter head with full details of the organization/business.


Collect Form from foreign national’s customer service desk at the Immigration Headquarters. Form “A” Application for new registration of residence permit. From “B” Application for renewal of registration for residence permit or Re-entry Permit Application visa Form Filled Application


Submit duly signed Application Form to the foreign national’s unit. The application Form

‘A’ must be submitted with the following

v Valid passport for period of resident

v 2 passport size pictures

The Head of Foreign National examines the application forms and makes recommendation to the Chief Immigration Officer (C.I.O).


Collect the passport at the Foreign National’s Unit. The entire procedure takes about one week. Delay may occur due to incomplete information supplied or wrong information.


The Sierra Leone Immigration Department is responsible to monitor the movement and activities of citizens and non-citizens alike in a manner that is prudent and consistent with our national and international laws, regulation and protocols.

Consequently our monitoring mechanisms also conform to international best practice in modern day migration management. With this in mind, non-citizens are fully encouraged to carry out their activities either as self-employed/employees in various organization factories, industries, fishing companies/agencies or as visitors or in any other area of interest they may find around Sierra Leone

However citizens who are business partners with non-citizens as well as Non-citizens themselves are kindly advised and duly informed that in the conduct of their business at any given time and place, they must be aware of the following under mentioned Immigration and registration offences which are in conformity with The Non-Citizens( Registration Immigration and Expulsion) Act, 1965

1.     Aiding or abetting any Immigrant to enter Sierra Leone. Illegally Section 36 (a) of Act No. 14

      of 1965

 2.     Aiding or attempting to aid any one to disobey expulsion- Section 38 of Act No.1965

3.     Entering Sierra Leone without valid travel documents-Section 19 (2) (g) of 1965

4.     Entering Sierra Leone for the purpose of prostitution-Section 19 (2) (g) of 1965

5.     Exceeding or overstay temporary on Transit Visa – Section 36(m) (f) Act No. 14 of 1965

6.     Falling to register as a non-citizens within three months of the first day of January in each year

       – Section 6 (1) and (2) of Act No. 14 of 1965

 7.     Falling to report on arrival by air at a recognized port Section 13 (1) of Act 13 No.14 0f 1965

 8.     Falling to report on arrival by air at any place other than a recognized airfield or port within

         seven days: - Section 13 (2) of Act No. 14 of 1965

 9.     Harboring any illegal Immigration – Section 36(b) of Act No. 14 of 1965

10. Making or causing to be made any false items, false statement or false representation –

      Section 36(d) of Act No.14 of 1965

11.  Using or possessing any forged unlawful altered or irregular passport certificate, visa or

      any other document for travelling Section 36 (1) of Act No. 14 of 1965

12. Resists or obstruct actively or passively and Immigration officer in the execution of his duty

      – Section 36 (f) of Act No. 14 of 1965

13. Willfully and without lawful excuse hinders or obstructs a deportation order Section –

      36 (f) of Act No. 14 of 1965

14. The giving selling or lending of any certification or visa by the original owner

      Section 36 (g) of Act No. 14 of 1965

 15.  Obtaining any certificate passport or visa by false declaration Section 36 (h) of No. 14 of 1965

 16.   Refusing to accepts in an aircraft motor or other vehicle any prohibited Immigration

       – Section 36 (1) of Act No. 14 of 1965

17.  Contravening an expulsion order. Section 37 of Act No.14 of 1965 – 2 years’ imprisonment

18.  Discharging seamen without the consent of an Immigration Officer – Section 32 (1) of Act of 1965

19.  Failing to produce any certification or visa for inspection by an Immigration Officer –

       Section 18 (4) of Act No. 11 of 1965

20.  Failing to obtain temporary visa or transit visa – Section 18 (1) of Act No. 14 of 1965

21.  Non-Citizens failing to furnish an Immigration Officer with true statement of his/her particulars.

      Section 9 of Act No. 14 of 1965

22.  Disembarking passengers from Air Craft/Ship/Vessel without the authority of the

       Immigration authorities Section 11 of Act No. 14 of 1965