Immigration Service

Republic of Sierra Leone

Procurement Unit

It shall be the function of the Senior Procurement Officer to:

 a)     General supervision and coordination of the Unit.

b)    Timely report to management and regulatory authority

c)     Procurement planning and contribution to the overall annual budget preparation.

d)    Preparation of invitation to bid and of bidding documents.

e)     Publications, distribution of individual bids and receiving safeguards of bids.

f)      Evaluation of bids, including management of necessary technical evaluation committee and advice on proper bid evaluations.

g)     Performance of secretarial services for respective procurement committees and member of the Expenditure and Control                       Management Committee.

h)    Undertake all Contract negotiation on behalf of the Ministry/Department.

i)       In charge of printing of Local Purchase Order in the free balance system.

j)       Provide technical advice on Procurement activities procedures and regulations to the Ministry/Department.                                          Sourcing and profiling of all supplied, contractors and consultants, and the maintenance of a database for that purpose.                      Undertake such other functions as may be conferred by management and the procurement committee.