Immigration Service

Republic of Sierra Leone

Statement Of Policy Initiative From The Chief Immigration Officer

The Immigration Service in Sierra Leone has been a historical relic to public service delivery.  After Independence, this service was performed by or in the hands of the External Affairs Ministry, with a policy initiative to conduct, oversee and manage the affairs of the issuance of travel documents to and from Sierra Leone, and of the movement of both nationals and non-nationals into and out of the country.

Since 1964, the policy objective was thrust in the hands of the Sierra Leone Police Force under the supervision of the Ministry of Internal Affairs until this present time.  The initiative was transformed into a security objective, with the Police Force managing the affairs of the egress and ingress of both non-nationals and nationals of the country.

Under the present leadership of the Chief Immigration Officer, nearly a decade of managing the affairs of the Immigration Services in Sierra Leone, the latter has undergone a transformational pedigree, bearing the twenty-first narrative of a migration managerial style befitting the modus operandi of a true Immigration Service, comparable with others in the world at large.

This decade has been a robust restructuring of the institution in a bid to catch up with modern trends, and to meet international standards.  This leadership introduced Machine Readable Passports and the latter has a year ago been replaced with Biometrics/E-Passports to conform with international travel requirements globally.

Some aspects of the Service have been computerized as it is clearly evident in the Lungi International Airport and more is to follow in the areas of establishing websites for the application for passports and also Entry Clearance Certificates i.e. Visas for different categories. 

There are lots of achievements under the current leadership and these may be found itemized in the establishment of the Immigration Service’s websites.  Our clients may be able to browse and get acquainted with lots of information and suggestions that may be needed from the general public to help enhance the progress of this robust institution.

You are all welcome!